Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team members of Something for Everyone!


Hey, I’m CustomName and I’m the founder of Something for Everyone. I live in the United Kingdom and I’ve worked a lot on social media over the years. I love photography, cycling and music.


Hey, I’m 1A3. I’m the second Owner & Head Developer of SFE! I love to develop and code. You may not see me in chat much but I work behind the scenes making sure the perms, bots etc. are all working fine!


Hello, I'm Mungo. I currently live in the United Kingdom and ensure the server runs smoothly with my colleagues. While you might not see me active in chat, I occasionally come in and say hey. If you see me, make sure to say hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hi I'm Mr Oracle or you can just call me Dan, I'm your normal average Australian (Aussie) bloke. I love gaming, helping folks out, chatting in vc when it's quiet and fun cool and chill times in general!

Donator Ranks

If you want to support us and help fund things such as new emotes, giveaways etc. You can donate to us!



  • Donator Role
  • 1x Special Colour Role (£5+)
  • 1x Extra Role (£10+)
  • Custom Role (£15+)
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  • All perks from Donator
  • Donator+ Role
  • Hoisted above Donator
  • Access to do #qotd and #rotd
  • Extra Points (15 msgs = 2 points)
  • Pinned introduction
  • Donator+ Voice Chat
  • Followed on Socials
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Minecraft Server

Our minecraft server is currently in development and we hope to release it in the near future!