Official Discord Partners

We are an official discord partnered community, this means we have VIP voice servers, and a vanity url for our Discord community. This is a special aspect for the community, and it helps us to thrive.

Activity & Events

As a community, we are very active with a kind and welcoming community. We often do giveaways, events and other forms of entertainment, this allows the community to be extremely close and interesting. Everyday is a new adventure.

Advanced Moderation

Our staff team is extremely effective at moderation, with help from our moderation bot called "Rawgoat". We ensure to keep the community safe and clean for all ages, and we ensure that everyone is welcome no matter their ethnicity or religion.

Meet The Team

Meet the people behind Something For Everyone


Founder / Owner

Hey, I’m CustomName and I’m the founder of Something for Everyone. I live in the United Kingdom and I’ve worked a lot on social media over the years. I love photography, cycling and music.


Head Dev / Owner

Hey, I’m 1A3. I’m the second Owner & Head Developer of SFE! I love to develop and code. You may not see me in chat much but I work behind the scenes making sure the perms, bots etc. are all working fine!



Hello, I'm Mungo. I'm your average cynical bloke who likes to play games such as Payday2 and CSGO. I'm part of the Leadership Team over at SFE. We hope you enjoy your stay- Andddd cut.



Hi I'm Mr Oracle or you can just call me Dan, I'm your normal average Australian (Aussie) bloke. I love gaming, helping folks out, chatting in vc when it's quiet and fun cool and chill times in general!