About Something For Everybody

So What Is Something For Everybody?

Something For Everybody (SFE for short) is exactly in the name! It's something for everyone! We have multiple chats to talk in, along with friendly staff and community! SFE was created September 21st, 2017 and has since gained 8,000+ members since then! SFE was a Discord Partner from December 21st 2017 to January 26th 2018, and repartnered on April 11th 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Something For Everybody (SFE for Short) is Owned and Founded by CustomName.

Here at SFE we open staff applications every other month and we are always looking for talented people who are Interested In helping us out! Here is the recruitment process if you are Interested:
  • Once you've finished finished your application, we read through all the applications carefully and pick 5-10 of the best.
  • Then these applicants will go through an Interview and if they pass, they will then be accepted as a Helper.
  • To receive full moderator permissions, the candidates must pass a hard test, and then they will be monitored for a month to see if they are good enough to become an official SFE Moderator.
Now if you're ready, you may Apply Here to join our team when our applications open next!

If you are Interested in Supporting the SFE Community, then you may contact CustomName#9999 on Discord and he will guide you through all the options of supporting SFE.